Club News

Feb. 2021

The old 18-hole layout has been retired due to a planned expansion of the duck pond area. UDISC application now lists the NEW18.

Current active layouts are:

New 18 (18 holes)

Two Sevens Clash (14 holes)

Twelve Disciples (12 holes)

Tenacious XX Tournament results. June 26, 2020:

1st Place (69): Ty McGee & Joe Grubbs. 2nd Place (70): John O. & Cobus (sudden death at Gulch). Geoff Rogers and J. Tamalunas (70). 3rd Place (73) Ryan Povey + John Hanks.

Special thanks: John Hanks for helping hang the banner, Lance for running CTPs to tees, R. Povey for grabbing baskets, Ty McGee for donating his basket for Hole 8, Amy Boyes for taking pics for hours in the heat, and Jason Sexton for course maintenance and the hip new DZs.

League Nights Wed.

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League Ace Pool


Winter 2021 Tournament planning...